New Tires Made of Oil from Orange Peels

Of course Japan would come up with this one….tire manufacturer Yokohama is now selling a tire model made with 80 percent non-petroleum material, substituting orange oil as the primary ingredient to make vulcanized rubber.

The new tire is called the Super E-spec™ and has already received the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award in 2008. Yokohama will initially market the tire for hybrid car models such as the Toyota Prius.

“The eco-focused dB Super E-spec mixes sustainable orange oil and natural rubber to drastically cut the use of petroleum, without compromising performance,” Yokohama vice president of sales Dan King said. “It also helps consumers save money at the gas pump by improving fuel efficiency via a 20-percent reduction in rolling resistance.”

Orange oil is considered sustainable because it is produced from a renewable resource. The same philosophy of reducing petroleum use is utilized in producing plastics from corn starch or vegetable oil. I love the new drink cups made from corn starch except they have been melting in my car with all this heat this summer!
Yokohama has yet to release the environmental impact of disposing these tires, which typically provides an environmental concern. The petroleum in traditional tires can burn for months in a landfill and is difficult to extinguish. These fires also release black smoke and toxins into the air. Yokohama has not specified whether the orange oil will biodegrade over time. Let’s hope they will.

The process for recycling tires involves devulcanizing the rubber, which would essentially remove the oil and extract natural rubber. Because this is an expensive process, used tires are often shredded and turned into playground surfacing or additives for the soil in sports turf.

Pictures From Africa Mission Concert in Yokohama

Snapshot 2008-06-24 04-09-55
The concert was a huge success and all the photos from the show are on the link below.

Backstage at Africa Mission Concert

080531_1834~0001 080530_2008~0001
Blendz Hip Hop band from Japan and Jett Edwards work out a rap and harmony before the show.

I shot this with my mobile phone sorry about the quality…ha lack of quality. Also working out arrangement with Junior the keyboard player before the show.


Africa Mission dance

Africa Summit Production

Here is the staff T-shirt design…the t-shrts for sale are more colorful…
t-shirts will also be sold at over 1000 music stores throughout Japan.
I will post some rehearsal video tonight…the African musicians sound fabulous! Jett Edwards is producing the music for the performances and he has done a great job merging the vast variety of talent.

Production Notes, Africa Mission 2008

Here is the stage layout for the Pacifico Arena in Yokohama…show starts in 6 days…phew cutting it close..I.will video tape rehearsals this Monday and post them.
Africa Mission Stage
Dr. Kanbe Shunpei organizer of the Peace Boat ( and pioneer in disease control in Africa will give the opening speech at the concert…I realized he plays a traditional African finger piano so I have asked him to join the African musicians for the opening song.
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African Mission 2008, Yokohama, Japan

african mission2
May 30, 2008 Unicef will hold a great concert in the Pacifico Arena in Yokohama, Japan. The performances will feature artists combining African traditional music with Japanese pop, hip hop and classical musicians. Japanese famous artists include X-Japan Toshi, Blendzz, Sojiro and Murakami Ponta

The proceeds from the concert will go to Unicef and HIV/Aids relief in Africa. The concert will be recorded live and released by Apple iTunes. Apple will also donate the proceeds of the sales to Unicef.

Jett Edwards and Gerald Gentemann are producing the concert.