Yahoo to purge user data after 90 days

I think this is good news…I don’t want everyone to know where I browse but I am sure marketers do.

With U.S. and European regulators and watchdogs worried that Internet companies are compromising users’ privacy by keeping data about online behavior for long periods, Yahoo Inc. said Wednesday that it would shorten that time from 13 months to 90 days.

The retention policy is the shortest among major U.S. search engines and could pressure rivals Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to reduce the time they keep information about their users. In September, Google began to remove portions of personally identifiable information after nine months. Microsoft, which keeps such data 18 months, said last week it would support an industry standard of six months.

This policy if it spreads to other companies will hinder the new movements that create a profile of users’ likes and dislikes. Marketers can then serve the advertising that suits a person’s preferences.