When the Packaging is the Product.

Sometimes the packaging is everything in marketing a product and that is certainly the case with this innovative can.

It used to be that the only place to get the authentic taste of GUINNESS® Draught beer was down your local pub or bar. Then, in the late 1980s, GUINNESS® Draught In Cans brought your local pub right into your own fridge. Suddenly, cans were cool again.

It’s the revolutionary widget in the cans that does it. The patented GUINNESS® In-Can System is an ingenious award-winning idea.

A tiny plastic widget jets a stream of bubbles into the GUINNESS® beer when the can is opened. I have to admit even though I am not a Guinness drinker that this is an incredible packaging idea that has rejuvenated the brand Internationally where there is not usually a pub down the street like here in Tokyo.

BBDO captured the magic of the Guinness froth in the TVC shown here called “alive inside.’ The cinematography is incredible.