Companion Care Prenatal and Perinatal Mothers Support Program

Screen shot 2018-05-26 at 4.23.14 PMThe trajectory of children’s lives can be changed if parents understand the primacy of language and know how to deliver “Language Nutrition.”

Research funded by United Way has revealed that many children lack access to quality health care, housing, nutrition, early care, learning services and support. Far too many children also experience the trauma of stress and violence in their homes and neighborhoods, inhibiting their ability to learn and grow.

We also determined that efforts to change long-term literacy outcomes and consequences must begin early—long before children enter kindergarten.

We looked at some of the root causes for why a child might not be reading. This exploration encompassed early brain development and the power of verbal interactions with infants and toddlers, attendance in preschool and grade school, summer learning loss, and the influence of health on all aspects of early learning and development.

In an effort to change literacy and health outcomes for children, Empowered Education launched a prenatal and perinatal companion support program that delivers a virtual “owners manual” for new moms and babies. The new mothers are enrolled in the program when they leave the hospital, at their OBGYN’s offices, and at pediatricians’ offices.

Delivered on both mobile phones and Empowered Education’s tablet devices, the HIPAA compliant platform offers helpful content about health and “Language Nutrition.”