The Stay at Home Mom is a Profession.

I started thinking about the work that goes into being a “Stay at Home” mom when I watched my first daughter try to tackle her new life as a working mom. I was reminded again when my middle daughter gave birth to her son Cullen this summer and has not skipped a beat with her goal to become a nurse.

I had forgotten how tough the task of just being a mom could be even without adding the full-time job or nursing school.

Since jobs are sometimes valued solely for their monetary yield, it’s no surprise the dollar value of running a household and raising a family full-time is debated. Last year there were over 5.1 million stay at home moms.

The calculation can be disparaging or romanticized, depending on who does the math.

When looked at all the jobs that moms do and what each would cost in the working world if you hired someone. ┬áThe stats were revealing, a stay-at-home mom’s work is worth a whopping $112,962 a year.

I am sure I am leaving out something but here is a list of some of the jobs moms do: driver, cook, babysitter, janitor, housekeeper, and bookkeeper. also estimated she works about 94 hours a week.

Working mom’s try and squeeze those 94 hours worth of tasks into their already tiring 40 hour traditional work week.

So next time you see a working mom show some respect.