Getting an ‘Eagle Eye’ Film Experience Via Mobile Marketing.

In “Eagle Eye,” the Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures thriller set for release this weekend, the lead characters are driven to extreme acts by a mysterious woman who contacts them via their mobile phones.
So what better way to promote the movie than through a mobile-marketing campaign?

The effort, created by Millennial Media for Paramount, follows the movie’s plot, without giving too much away, and drives consumers to opt in for voice, text and mobile-web messages similar to what “Eagle Eye” protagonists Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) experience.

Eric Eller, senior VP-marketing at Millennial, said his definition of a great mobile campaign is one that creates compelling content that is easy to share with others and links to the consumer mobile experience. Thanks to the content of the movie, the last parameter was a given.

“In this case it was easier than usual, and it’s even more interesting because we could bring into play all the ways people use mobile phones — calling, text and mobile web,” he said.

All will be revealed…The first message the user receives is a call, voiced by the same mysterious woman in the movie, warning that “you’ve been activated” and that the line is no longer secure. Other warnings and hints come via text messages, interactive voice response and SMS. The upshot of all this builds to hype the movie, when “all will be revealed on Sept. 26.”

There was also a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card from Circuit City for those who opt in.

Millennial placed mobile banner ads across its network at a wide variety of websites, including the homepages for Major League Baseball, CBS News, TV Guide and Weatherbug, to drive consumers to opt into the campaign. Consumers can join by inputting their phone numbers right into a box on the banner.

“This groundbreaking campaign is an excellent example of how advertisers can creatively use today’s mobile technologies to connect their content to consumers,” said Michael Rosenberg, manager of national advertising at Paramount, in a release. “We are delivering a highly distinctive theatrical marketing vehicle which brings the ‘Eagle Eye’ film experience to its consumers in a new and exciting way.”

This mobile campaign marked the seventh time Paramount tapped Millennial for theatrical or home-entertainment releases. It is also the latest in a series of aggressive marketing pushes for the anticipated blockbuster that includes not only outdoor, radio, print and TV, but also digital marketing, including well-received alternate-reality game “Eagle Eye Freefall.”

Can Google’s G1 Smart Phone Be More Than an Apple Knockoff?

My friend Guy Tucker sent me part of an article about the new Gogle phone.
“Google sees mobile devices as being far more ubiquitous than computers, and the more consumers it can get to go online via their phones, the better, arguably, for companies who make money via online advertising. (Google CEO Eric Schmidt is so bullish on this he called mobile “the re-creation of the internet.”)”
G1 versus iPhone

Interactive In-Cinema Advertising: Part 1

Japan cinema going is becoming more and more popular. You may not know but some of the most frightening films originated in Japan; The Ring, The Grudge, One Missed Call.
Cinema actually is the oldest mass audio-visual medium. But it is also as passive as media consumption gets.The imaginative application of digital technology by Sairis and Activate may change this in Japan.

An innovative proprietary technology combines mobile and social-networking applications to interact with consumers in Japanese movie theaters.

“In-cinema advertising gives us an opportunity to create a dialogue with the audience who is there, present and ready to be entertained,” said Ty Giuliani director of Activate.

Theater advertising is one of the fastest growing in paid media. Overall, cinema ad revenues saw a double-digit increase last year, jumping nearly 19 percent.

Advertisers are poised to take advantage of the full movie going experience, from theater lobbies to concession stands, producing a sizeable growth in integrated campaigns. “This can, literally, double or triple the impact a brand can make on the movie-goer,” said Tim Smith of Sairis group.

One goal is to keep consumers engaged long after the final credits roll. “What you start to do is you raise the engagement level of your movie-goer,” said Takeshi Abe of Japan’s Media Box”

Media Box is testing Audience Game, The intent is to create a “well-planned, well-calculated interactive component that enhances the experience, is a lot of fun and doesn’t get in the way of the [bigger] picture –no pun intended.

“We believe that interactivity will enhance the movie-going experience, offer brands an interesting way to engage consumers and create a fun atmosphere in the cinemas,” said Abe, “We are hopeful that it will bring incremental media dollars to the medium too.”

“I think it will definitely drive ad sales. I could imagine it changing the pricing models with a premium for interactive campaigns. The cinemas that support this functionality would have higher rates and the demand for available inventory would become extremely competitive.”

Activate Brings Real Interactivity to Mobile

This is only a test using simple flash animation but imagine playing a video game using your mobile phone on a LED screen in the city or even the screen at a movie theater before the main feature…I will share more with you later but this tech takes your mobile phone to a whole new level.

Love Guru

Activate will stream the Guru from Paramount’s new film to 3G phones in Japan before the movie in launched here. The Guru will give advice on Love via video on the 70 million 3G enabled phones…I will post it when it is built.

visit to be enlightened

Indiana Jones Premier in Tokyo

Activate and Sairis will begin “streaming” Indiana Jones trailers and interviews to 3G mobile phone users the afternoon of the premier in Tokyo…the system is available on more than 50% of all Japanese mobile phones.

Viewers can also play Indiana Jones trivia games and will be rewarded with wallpaper and Indy’s whip sound effect. Yahoo will web cast the premier and we will stream the event to mobile.
The link on the Japan Indiana Jones site is live today showing the 3G mobile link.
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