QR codes and the Kelly Brooks Pepsi campaign in the UK

Kelly Brooks appears in ads featuring QR codes. The 2D dot matrix bar code technology is close to a tipping point in Europe and Asia. Brooks features in a Pepsi campaign that has gone live in December and images of her clutching a QR code have featured in most of the tabloids.
QR (short for Quick Response) codes are 2D postage stamp sized barcodes that can pack in up to half a page of data. The technology was originally devised to track goods in a supply chain but has found its way into the consumer mobile sector in tagging application. Its a neat format that lends itself to a mobile phone screen.

Visa Teams With Google for Mobile Play Using Android

Finally just like my phone in Japan this deal could turn cell phones into credit cards for US consumers.
Life may take Visa, but life today for many takes a cell phone. So Visa is going mobile, striking a deal with Google and its new Android mobile operating platform that incorporates not only innovative mobile payment methods but takes advantage of new marketing technologies.

With Android, some users will soon be able to opt into a Visa system to sign up to for offers from marketers that sends deals sent directly to their phones. A user could click an “Offers” button on his or her phone to see what the latest deal might be. Then, through a “Locator” feature, which uses Google Maps, the customer can find exactly where the nearest retailer offering the deal is located.

I will certainly have more on this soon as this will change the way we live in a very short period…In Japan my phone is key not my wallet.

Can Google’s G1 Smart Phone Be More Than an Apple Knockoff?

My friend Guy Tucker sent me part of an article about the new Gogle phone.
“Google sees mobile devices as being far more ubiquitous than computers, and the more consumers it can get to go online via their phones, the better, arguably, for companies who make money via online advertising. (Google CEO Eric Schmidt is so bullish on this he called mobile “the re-creation of the internet.”)”
G1 versus iPhone

What is the appropriate age to let a child have a cell phone?

Someone answered once they need one…in this day and age I was happy to reach all my daughters by cell…so I agree with that answer but have you all seen the youtube video where the cell phones actually pop a kernel of popcorn while they are ringing? makes you think about having it at your ear all day!


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