Love Guru

Activate will stream the Guru from Paramount’s new film to 3G phones in Japan before the movie in launched here. The Guru will give advice on Love via video on the 70 million 3G enabled phones…I will post it when it is built.

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Whale in Destin, Florida!

My home is usually Destin, Florida even though I am working most of the year in Tokyo. Destin, Florida is a great place to unwind after dealing with 20 million plus each day in Tokyo and a city that REALLY never sleeps.
My friend Nick just sent me these shots…very unusual to see a whale there…sharks yes but whales…
The complete story is in my local newspaper, the Destin Log.
Video, a bit long waiting for the whale to surface!

Production Notes, Africa Mission 2008

Here is the stage layout for the Pacifico Arena in Yokohama…show starts in 6 days…phew cutting it close..I.will video tape rehearsals this Monday and post them.
Africa Mission Stage
Dr. Kanbe Shunpei organizer of the Peace Boat ( and pioneer in disease control in Africa will give the opening speech at the concert…I realized he plays a traditional African finger piano so I have asked him to join the African musicians for the opening song.
0928_3 r_ecosoc