Getting an ‘Eagle Eye’ Film Experience Via Mobile Marketing.

In “Eagle Eye,” the Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures thriller set for release this weekend, the lead characters are driven to extreme acts by a mysterious woman who contacts them via their mobile phones.
So what better way to promote the movie than through a mobile-marketing campaign?

The effort, created by Millennial Media for Paramount, follows the movie’s plot, without giving too much away, and drives consumers to opt in for voice, text and mobile-web messages similar to what “Eagle Eye” protagonists Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) experience.

Eric Eller, senior VP-marketing at Millennial, said his definition of a great mobile campaign is one that creates compelling content that is easy to share with others and links to the consumer mobile experience. Thanks to the content of the movie, the last parameter was a given.

“In this case it was easier than usual, and it’s even more interesting because we could bring into play all the ways people use mobile phones — calling, text and mobile web,” he said.

All will be revealed…The first message the user receives is a call, voiced by the same mysterious woman in the movie, warning that “you’ve been activated” and that the line is no longer secure. Other warnings and hints come via text messages, interactive voice response and SMS. The upshot of all this builds to hype the movie, when “all will be revealed on Sept. 26.”

There was also a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card from Circuit City for those who opt in.

Millennial placed mobile banner ads across its network at a wide variety of websites, including the homepages for Major League Baseball, CBS News, TV Guide and Weatherbug, to drive consumers to opt into the campaign. Consumers can join by inputting their phone numbers right into a box on the banner.

“This groundbreaking campaign is an excellent example of how advertisers can creatively use today’s mobile technologies to connect their content to consumers,” said Michael Rosenberg, manager of national advertising at Paramount, in a release. “We are delivering a highly distinctive theatrical marketing vehicle which brings the ‘Eagle Eye’ film experience to its consumers in a new and exciting way.”

This mobile campaign marked the seventh time Paramount tapped Millennial for theatrical or home-entertainment releases. It is also the latest in a series of aggressive marketing pushes for the anticipated blockbuster that includes not only outdoor, radio, print and TV, but also digital marketing, including well-received alternate-reality game “Eagle Eye Freefall.”

“Tropic Thunder” New Film from Paramount

Activate will be working on a 3G mobile execution of the promotion for Tropic Thunder in Japan.

Activate’s Mission

Gerald Gentemann created Activate Japan in 2004.

No matter who the client is, Activate takes a business-based approach to communications. It starts and executes every assignment with the assumption that there is a tangible business goal to achieve and that communications strategies must align with the business objectives of its clients.

The pressure to produce return on investment on marketing dollars is here to stay and this no longer means just “building awareness.” It means “activating” sales.

Managing The Digital Media Evolution

The ability to influence word of mouth communication is at the forefront of any communications strategy. Once a big idea is identified, Activate leverages the digital media world and extends the creative concept online whether through digital media relations, 3G and mobile development, website development, or social networking.

Activate and its technical partner Sairis have a crystal clear vision of what needs to be done to manage this evolution in the best interest of our clients.

Delivering Big Ideas
Snapshot 2008-06-30 07-21-26
The work reflects Activate’s creatively driven mindset. Activate knows that the best communications strategies need to be grounded in creative thinking in order to breakthrough the myriad of options that consumers have today for getting news and information.

More than ever, creativity is a “must have” as opposed to “value-add.” That is also why it is important to approach creative ideation without media parameters. What Activate calls “media and agency neutrality.” The key is to reach the target audience in a memorable way and to ultimately making a business impact.

Current key clients include Exxon Mobil, Japan’s Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, Unesco, Itochu, Excite, MasterCard, Apple, Paramount and Tsutaya.

Omnicom’s 10 DAS Group companies (Diversified Advertising Services ) in Japan, WPP and ADK have all partnered with Activate to help clients go beyond traditional advertising solutions.

Activate will produce this year’s Global Summit for Ecology to be held in Japan in November with key speakers Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Paramount’s Indiana Jones Press Release

Paramount’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull launch new 3G MobiActions Campaign.
getattchSnapshot 2008-05-30 02-11-20
Activate K.K. and Media Box tie-up to release a new MobiActions 3G promotion and loyalty campaign for the latest Indiana Jones movie release in Japan.

Tokyo, Japan, June 19th 2008 – Activate Japan utilizes the unique ‘MobiActions’ 3G interactive video solution in a tie-up with Media Box for an integrated media promotion and loyalty campaign. The campaign allows viewers to dial a 3G video call and access a variety of rich media and interactive games. Users may visit as often as they like, enjoying premium or ‘sneak peak’ contents while challenging themselves to quiz games about the movie.

MobiActions features patented technology to provide a compelling, interactive experience to the users. The experience is 100% ‘in video’ and requires no downloads, accessory applications or non-standard devices. The user simply dials a regular videocall..

“We need to communicate our client’s message to the consumer in effective and unique ways to maintain and drive interest.” says, Gerald Gentemann, Director of Activate K.K. “Our latest MobiActions application, puts our client’s message a simple video call away and literally in the hands of over 60 million consumers in Japan. We can deliver a digital communication campaign and experience with interactive video that is at the fore-front of mobile and digital advertising and marketing “

Indiana Jones Premier in Tokyo

Activate and Sairis will begin “streaming” Indiana Jones trailers and interviews to 3G mobile phone users the afternoon of the premier in Tokyo…the system is available on more than 50% of all Japanese mobile phones.

Viewers can also play Indiana Jones trivia games and will be rewarded with wallpaper and Indy’s whip sound effect. Yahoo will web cast the premier and we will stream the event to mobile.
The link on the Japan Indiana Jones site is live today showing the 3G mobile link.
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