Quicksilver’s New Flagship Store in Tokyo

Sairis Group and Activate team up to deliver an exciting new Quicksilver branded mobile game for the launch of Quicksilver’s new flagship store in Tokyo. The Quicksilver surfing game uses the latest patented Mobiactions mobile interactive video and voice response (IVVR) technology where users can “dial in” and immediately be immersed in a surfing game where they can move around on the wave and pick up prizes using their phone keypad.
“With the advent of advertising in mobile games, consumers are now interacting with brands in a more engaging and meaningful way – something which youth marketers have found it increasingly tricky to do.” says Tim Smith of Sairis Group.

“Now we can enable advertisers like Quicksilver to engage consumers in a new and exciting manner, giving the consumer a unique and fun experience whilst at the same time the brand is remembered as an entertaining innovator”.

“In terms of memorability and value of experience this branded gaming concept far outranks simple web based, IM or SMS promotions.” says Gerald Gentemann of Activate.

“It is a totally non-invasive method of engagement, and we can provide a brand with an interactive experience that their consumer chooses to partake in. With over 100 million mobile phone users in Japan alone, we provide a key touch-point for a brand and literally put them in the hands of their target consumer.” says Tyron Giuliani, co-founder of Activate K.K.

The MobiActions patented platform seamlessly integrates synchronous call-to-action based game play, providing high levels of customer-brand engagement across multiple channels including mobile, PC and in-store. The experience is 100% “in call” and requires no downloads or additional applications on the handset.

The platform may be extended across any number of media, thus providing a 360 degree approach to brand campaigns. Users may experience the action on PC, mobile and in-store. At each point of contact usage statistics are gathered.

MobiActions also provides incentives to the customer since the ‘wins’ may be easily converted to in-store premiums. This makes it an ideal platform to enhance any loyalty or premium marketing program.

Mobiactions is built around specially integrated components and features the VEEDIA® Flash Gateway as one of the core systems. Sairis Group is an authorized reseller for VEEDIA® in Asia and Oceania.

The VEEDIA® The Flash 3G Video Gateway is a platform that permits mobile users to access Adobe Flash-based web applications with video and multimedia content by simply placing a standard video call from any 3G or SIP device. This means users can access live streaming webcams, pre-recorded and interactive video, games, animations and more. No WAP portal or installation is necessary.

Paramount’s Indiana Jones Press Release

Paramount’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull launch new 3G MobiActions Campaign.
getattchSnapshot 2008-05-30 02-11-20
Activate K.K. and Media Box tie-up to release a new MobiActions 3G promotion and loyalty campaign for the latest Indiana Jones movie release in Japan.

Tokyo, Japan, June 19th 2008 – Activate Japan utilizes the unique ‘MobiActions’ 3G interactive video solution in a tie-up with Media Box for an integrated media promotion and loyalty campaign. The campaign allows viewers to dial a 3G video call and access a variety of rich media and interactive games. Users may visit as often as they like, enjoying premium or ‘sneak peak’ contents while challenging themselves to quiz games about the movie.

MobiActions features patented technology to provide a compelling, interactive experience to the users. The experience is 100% ‘in video’ and requires no downloads, accessory applications or non-standard devices. The user simply dials a regular videocall..

“We need to communicate our client’s message to the consumer in effective and unique ways to maintain and drive interest.” says, Gerald Gentemann, Director of Activate K.K. “Our latest MobiActions application, puts our client’s message a simple video call away and literally in the hands of over 60 million consumers in Japan. We can deliver a digital communication campaign and experience with interactive video that is at the fore-front of mobile and digital advertising and marketing “