The Skinny on Jennifer Hudson’s CD Cover

What “is” the skinny on Jennifer Hudson’s CD cover? Many folks are talking about the photo of Jennifer Hudson on the cover of her debut CD.
Not since Ann Wilson was electronically compressed from a size 16 to a size 2 in one of Heart’s ’80s music videos have I seen such a glaring example of what appears to be some sort of digital diet. Yes I know…I am old enough to remember the “vinyl” album cover!

I love her full figure look but unless Jennifer has been on Beyonce’s pre-Dreamgirls lemon-and-cayenne-pepper fasting plan for the past six months, this album art does not accurately represent the real Hudson.

Why? I imagine the execs at RCA Records somehow thought she’ll shift more units with her head digitally decapitated and then Franksteined onto some skinny B’s mystery body! I also think in this age where image is everything this inaccurate portrayal doesn’t help the thousands of young girls trying to become the models that they see each day in the press and on magazine covers.

Do they really think her ardent fans are foolish enough to overlook such a radical renovation of her famously full figure? And if this really is Jennifer’s actual body, then someone please send the thousands of xanga women obsessed with their weight the name of her personal trainer.