Day One, Global Summit for Ecology

al gore with Gerald gentemann
Al Gore kicks off the Summit with passion. He introduced some of the initiatives that the new administration under Barrack Obama will begin as priority one!

Here is the press release from Waseda University’s P,resident
“An Honorary Doctorate was presented to Mr. Al Gore – the 45th vice-president of the United States of America – in Okuma Auditorium at Waseda University.

Waseda University awarded Mr. Al Gore an honorary doctorate at a presentation ceremony held on November 19, 2008, under clear autumn skies. After receiving the degree, Mr. Al Gore addressed the audience. He expressed how honored he was to have been presented with an honorary doctorate by Waseda University, and he congratulated the university on its long and proud history that spans more than a century. After the ceremony, Mr. Al Gore gave a special lecture entitled “An Inconvenient Truth”. It was both the commemorative lecture for the doctorate and the keynote lecture for the Global Summit for Ecology.”

Green Marketing and Communications

In the world of “green,” marketing has unique challenges, not the least of which is the lack of standards for determining what it means to be a green product, or a green company.

Along with the rise of green consumers, Activate see the rise of eco-labeling, green advertising and the importance of environmental reporting. That creates the opportunity for just about anything to be marketed as green, from simple packaging changes to products and services that radically reduce materials, energy, and waste.
I will publish a top ten list this week for green products.

Gore Sets ‘Clean’ Energy Goal for Next President

Just as John F. Kennedy set his sights on the moon, Al Gore is challenging the nation to produce every kilowatt of electricity through wind, sun and other Earth-friendly energy sources within 10 years, an audacious goal he hopes the next president will embrace.

The Nobel Prize-winning former vice president said fellow Democrat Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain are “way ahead” of most politicians in the fight against global climate change.

Rising fuel costs, climate change and the national security threats posed by U.S. dependence on foreign oil are conspiring to create “a new political environment” that Gore said will sustain bold and expensive steps to wean the nation off fossil fuels.

Gore is set to attend the Unesco Global Summit for Ecology in November in Japan. The Summit is organized by Activate.
summit logo

Domoto the Green Governor from Chiba, Japan

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I will ask Ms. Domoto to speak at the Global Summit tomorrow…she is very aggressive with industry here making sure they are green and clean…her state or prefecture as they call them here in Japan has many steel mills.

She realized that the mills produced tremendous heat and that the heat generated could produce vast amounts of electricity for her state. her vision was achieved there as well as many other projects that she shared at the Global Summit in Rio last year.

Activate’s Mission

Gerald Gentemann created Activate Japan in 2004.

No matter who the client is, Activate takes a business-based approach to communications. It starts and executes every assignment with the assumption that there is a tangible business goal to achieve and that communications strategies must align with the business objectives of its clients.

The pressure to produce return on investment on marketing dollars is here to stay and this no longer means just “building awareness.” It means “activating” sales.

Managing The Digital Media Evolution

The ability to influence word of mouth communication is at the forefront of any communications strategy. Once a big idea is identified, Activate leverages the digital media world and extends the creative concept online whether through digital media relations, 3G and mobile development, website development, or social networking.

Activate and its technical partner Sairis have a crystal clear vision of what needs to be done to manage this evolution in the best interest of our clients.

Delivering Big Ideas
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The work reflects Activate’s creatively driven mindset. Activate knows that the best communications strategies need to be grounded in creative thinking in order to breakthrough the myriad of options that consumers have today for getting news and information.

More than ever, creativity is a “must have” as opposed to “value-add.” That is also why it is important to approach creative ideation without media parameters. What Activate calls “media and agency neutrality.” The key is to reach the target audience in a memorable way and to ultimately making a business impact.

Current key clients include Exxon Mobil, Japan’s Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, Unesco, Itochu, Excite, MasterCard, Apple, Paramount and Tsutaya.

Omnicom’s 10 DAS Group companies (Diversified Advertising Services ) in Japan, WPP and ADK have all partnered with Activate to help clients go beyond traditional advertising solutions.

Activate will produce this year’s Global Summit for Ecology to be held in Japan in November with key speakers Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Paper Bags Versus Plastic Bags

After the Global Earth Summit in Tokyo, Japan last November I guess i am more aware these days of ecological issues.
True of False: America’s paper bag consumption uses 14 million trees a year. The answer is: True

According to the Sierra Club and other environmental think-tanks, paper bags are just as harmful to the environment when you look at the overall impact behind their production and consumption – where the source material comes from, how energy-intensive they are to make; and how difficult they are to recycle or reuse.

One of the paper bag’s more obvious impacts is deforestation. While America’s consumption of plastic bags uses up 12 million barrels of oil a year, it’s consumption of paper bags fells 14 million trees a year.

It has even been suggested that paper bags cause more global warming than plastic bags, simply because they take up more space so need extra transportation, using up energy.

Others have said the reverse, that because of the energy used in the production process, plastic bags still remain the greatest scourge on the environment of the two.