Interactive In-Cinema Advertising: Part 1

Japan cinema going is becoming more and more popular. You may not know but some of the most frightening films originated in Japan; The Ring, The Grudge, One Missed Call.
Cinema actually is the oldest mass audio-visual medium. But it is also as passive as media consumption gets.The imaginative application of digital technology by Sairis and Activate may change this in Japan.

An innovative proprietary technology combines mobile and social-networking applications to interact with consumers in Japanese movie theaters.

“In-cinema advertising gives us an opportunity to create a dialogue with the audience who is there, present and ready to be entertained,” said Ty Giuliani director of Activate.

Theater advertising is one of the fastest growing in paid media. Overall, cinema ad revenues saw a double-digit increase last year, jumping nearly 19 percent.

Advertisers are poised to take advantage of the full movie going experience, from theater lobbies to concession stands, producing a sizeable growth in integrated campaigns. “This can, literally, double or triple the impact a brand can make on the movie-goer,” said Tim Smith of Sairis group.

One goal is to keep consumers engaged long after the final credits roll. “What you start to do is you raise the engagement level of your movie-goer,” said Takeshi Abe of Japan’s Media Box”

Media Box is testing Audience Game, The intent is to create a “well-planned, well-calculated interactive component that enhances the experience, is a lot of fun and doesn’t get in the way of the [bigger] picture –no pun intended.

“We believe that interactivity will enhance the movie-going experience, offer brands an interesting way to engage consumers and create a fun atmosphere in the cinemas,” said Abe, “We are hopeful that it will bring incremental media dollars to the medium too.”

“I think it will definitely drive ad sales. I could imagine it changing the pricing models with a premium for interactive campaigns. The cinemas that support this functionality would have higher rates and the demand for available inventory would become extremely competitive.”

Activate and Experiential Marketing

Customers are every company’s most valuable asset. What attracts new customers and retains loyal current ones is the customer experience that a company provides for its customers.
Snapshot 2008-08-02 20-37-25
To succeed today, companies must manage the customer experience at every “touch-point”, whether it’s in the store, face-to-face, through advertising, on the web, or through innovative products and services. Creating the right customer experience spurs growth, increases revenues, and can transform the image of your company and its brands. This experience is key in any industry, whether selling to mass consumers or B2B buyers.

The following points provide an introduction to some of the key principles and concepts related to customer experiences including:

Brands as Experiences

In the 1990s, branding arose as a crucial new business task for building and sustaining competitive advantage. Brands were seen as identifiers for customers that signify ownership and guarantee quality. We call this “BRAND=ID.” When brands are seen as identifiers, brand equity is based on customers’ awareness and knowledge of the brand. Strategy focuses on building brand associations before purchase.

But times have changed. Customers today seek out brands that deliver experiences that appeal to customers’ senses, heart, and mind. For customers today, brands are, first and foremost, providers of experiences.

When brands are seen as experience providers, equity is measured in their sensory stimulation, emotional bonding, and lifestyle value.

Strategy focuses on creating and enhancing experiences for customers before, during, and after purchase. To build and sustain a great brand, companies need to ensure an integrated customer experience that is delivered through communications, products, service, personnel, and every customer contact.

Sense, Feel, Think, Act, Relate

Experiences involve our entire living being-our senses, feelings, intellect, bodies, and how we relate to other people.

Activate helps managers to create a wide variety of impactful experiences for customers via marketing campaigns that reach any of five distinct “Strategic Experiential Modules”: SENSE, FEEL, THINK, ACT, or RELATE.

Many marketing campaigns that we create combine one or more SEM’s, and the most successful ones combine all five to create “holistic” experiences. “Holistic” marketing combines sense, feel, think, act, and relate to connect to customers in a broad variety of ways.
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Experience Providers

The customer experience happens at many different touch points. Every time a customer interacts with a company, this interaction shapes their perception of the company’s products and brands.

To create great experiences for customers, companies have at their disposal a range of different experience providers.

At Activate we help you to integrate the experience provided at each experience provider into a consistent customer experience.

Africa Summit Production

Here is the staff T-shirt design…the t-shrts for sale are more colorful…
t-shirts will also be sold at over 1000 music stores throughout Japan.
I will post some rehearsal video tonight…the African musicians sound fabulous! Jett Edwards is producing the music for the performances and he has done a great job merging the vast variety of talent.

Production Notes, Africa Mission 2008

Here is the stage layout for the Pacifico Arena in Yokohama…show starts in 6 days…phew cutting it close..I.will video tape rehearsals this Monday and post them.
Africa Mission Stage
Dr. Kanbe Shunpei organizer of the Peace Boat ( and pioneer in disease control in Africa will give the opening speech at the concert…I realized he plays a traditional African finger piano so I have asked him to join the African musicians for the opening song.
0928_3 r_ecosoc

Excite Japan Portal

Snapshot 2008-05-24 15-08-44
Excite japan launched the website for the Africa Mission concert this week…they have been very helpful…the site reaches 25 million unique users per month in Japan.

Although it is in japanese here is the link please visit…

African Mission 2008, Yokohama, Japan

african mission2
May 30, 2008 Unicef will hold a great concert in the Pacifico Arena in Yokohama, Japan. The performances will feature artists combining African traditional music with Japanese pop, hip hop and classical musicians. Japanese famous artists include X-Japan Toshi, Blendzz, Sojiro and Murakami Ponta

The proceeds from the concert will go to Unicef and HIV/Aids relief in Africa. The concert will be recorded live and released by Apple iTunes. Apple will also donate the proceeds of the sales to Unicef.

Jett Edwards and Gerald Gentemann are producing the concert.