Dos and don’ts regarding Copyright Law for blogging

I love to blog about current events and interesting things in the news. I am mindful of the copyright laws however…here are two points that make the web a great viral environment for those who wish to pass on the latest news.
Copyright Law protects the expression of facts and ideas by bloggers. We are free to use facts and ideas reported on articles or websites. The Copyright Act also defines that short quotations for the purpose of criticism, commentary or news reporting are considered “fair use”.

I have been criticized a bit about my blogs on Hallmark and OnStar…both stories all over the news but because my blog was written for purpose of criticism and commentary I think I exercised “fair use” of the facts.

One more “comment” on Hallmark…last night Conan spoke about how depressing it was to have “recession” cards…but the really depressing part was that the cards were made in China.