CHOA thank you gift

Our client Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta surprised us with a gift yesterday, 6 gallons of ice cream. And it’s not just your standard ice cream … this stuff was from Jake’s (local Atlanta midtown/Highlands/Emory creamery). There were 6 different flavors. The client literally was thanking us for the wonderful work we did and the success from the campaign we launched this past quarter…rare in the ad biz these days.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Launches “Share the Hope” Campaign

As the largest pediatric health care system in the U.S., Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta expects more than 1,200 patients in their hospitals during the last two weeks of the year. In an effort to convey the authentic, emotionally charged stories of their patients, parents and staff, Children’s has teamed up with Atlanta advertising agency BKV, producer Gerald Gentemann, director Bill VanderKloot, as well as the Verizon Foundation, to launch a digital campaign of social sharing during this holiday season.

“The ‘Share the Hope’ video is not about theatrics but instead is an honest look into the lives of these amazing children. The concept was centered around one hospital, during one day, shot on one camera. This is storytelling at its most genuine and emotional level,” said Scott Hodoval, Vice President of Development at Children’s.

Launching today, Children’s is unveiling their “Share the Hope” video on the organization’s customized microsite, YouTube channel, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. The effort doesn’t stop at just sharing the video, but also includes the opportunity to share a message of hope with the patients who will be spending their holidays at Children’s. Donations will also be accepted digitally during this time, with the initial contribution coming from Verizon Foundation, who has pledged a gift of $1 per view of the “Share the Hope” video.
Choa Pic
“Although the campaign will live in traditional media as well, it will be fueled and sustained by social,” said Hodoval. Messages for the patients will be accepted through December 31, 2011 and will be displayed on closed-circuit TVs throughout the hospital during the last two weeks of the year. Visit to let a young patient at Children’s know you’re thinking about them this holiday season, and all year long.

The President’s First Tweet

Although social media played a significant role in the election of Barack Obama, the President has admitted that he’s never actually used Twitter.

That changed this afternoon though, as Obama “pushed the button” on a tweet for the American Red Cross, whose Twitter account and use of text messaging donations to the tune of more than $20 million has been at the center of the disaster recovery efforts in Haiti.

According to the tweet, the President and the First Lady are currently visiting the organization’s disaster operation center:

While perhaps mildly disappointing for those that still thought @BarackObama was actually tweeting with his own fingers, the tweet on behalf of the Red Cross certainly seems to send the right message as rescue efforts continue in the earthquake ravaged country.

MillerCoors’ new “craft” beer is so small that it can talk to its drinkers individually.

Colorado Native Lager, which launches this week, comes from the No. 2 U.S. brewer’s A.C. Golden Brewing Co. unit, which brews craft-style beers in small quantities and markets them exclusively through digital and word-of-mouth channels. The marketer says the brand is brewed from “99.9%” Colorado-grown ingredients, a percentage that includes the locally made glass bottles. It will be sold only in Colorado, at least at first.

With Colorado Native Lager, A.C. Golden is using the model that worked for MillerCoors’ Blue Moon: seeding the brand through word-of-mouth and letting consumers feel as if they “discovered” the beer for themselves, which encourages them to introduce friends to it. To do so, it’s putting the entirety of its tiny Colorado Native budget into mobile and social-media channels.

Every Colorado Native label is affixed with a “SnapTag,” which, if photographed on a mobile device and e-mailed to a specified phone number, allows the brand to begin a conversation with its drinkers.
After e-mailing in a picture of the logo, a drinker will first get a reply asking for their birthday. If they say they’re older than 21, they’ll be queried with Colorado-centric trivia about their hobbies and interests, and the database will remember the answers and use them to craft future communications and offers to each individual drinker.

Hallmark Launches Mobile Strategy

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Hallmark has beefed up its mobile offerings with its new hoops&yoyo application, Fun @ Work, features games and videos, and other mobile initiatives including mobile greeting cards from 

Mike Adams manager of mobile says Hallmark is a company that helps people connect whenever and wherever they are, whether it’s through the mail, through the computer or through a cell phone.

Hallmark Mobile Greetings help provide more frequent and meaningful instant communication. Mobile Greetings combine the immediacy of a text message with creative design and editorial, and also allow the sender to add their own personal message.

Hallmark mobile cards
In addition, Hallmark Mobile Greetings work on the majority of mobile phone models and across all major mobile phone networks, making them easier to use and send than any comparable product on the market.

What challenges does mobile address for Hallmark?

Hallmark Mobile Greetings were developed because they recognize that oftentimes people want to connect with one another right in the moment, wherever they are.

There was a gap of “in the moment” communications that this new product can address.
The target demographic is primarily women who are tech-comfy, on-the-go people who value a connected network of family and friends.

Hallmark Mobile Greetings address a consumer-identified need to connect immediately with emotional impact — whether it’s encouragement or a light-hearted laugh. They are a great way to instantly communicate life’s everyday moments. You can send an instant mobile greeting whenever, and wherever, you are.

Research indicates that more than 80 percent of people have their mobile phones with them the majority of the time. The greetings are relevant for everyone, and there is something for all ages.