“New Moon” on Mobile

Summit Entertainment is partnering with AT&T to build excitement for the Nov. 20 release of the second film installment of its Twilight Saga franchise.

AT&T will host advance screenings of the film sequel “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”—including a special cast-member appearance—in Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas on Nov. 19. In addition, photo and video content, a mobile trivia game from RealArcade Mobile and ringtones are currently available via AT&T Share on Facebook and wireless handsets from AT&T. 

“AT&T has a rich history of aligning our brand with other industry leaders—from corporate America to sports to entertainment,” said Chris Schembri, vice president of media services at AT&T, Dallas, TX. “In addition, we are continuously looking for ways to better connect our consumers with our greatest asset—our network—in ways that are meaningful, exciting and easily accessible to them.

“We feel aligning ourselves with the Twilight Saga franchise allows us to accomplish both of these missions,” he said. “One of the great things about the Twilight Saga is that it appeals to a variety of target demographics for AT&T; tweens and teens, college students, young adults and beyond.” 

“In addition, it draws in both women and men with its unique storylines, action and romance themes.”

Through Nov. 12, moviegoers will have the opportunity to win one pair of tickets to an advance screening of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” in Atlanta, Chicago or Dallas on Thurs., Nov. 19 at 9:30 p.m., which will include a special appearance and question-and-answer session by a cast member from the film.

Wilderness Society Atlanta Gala

I attended the Gala Dinner for the Atlanta Chapter of the Wilderness Society last night…will write more about their goals and plans for the coming year soon.
Wilderness Society 40


McCartney will play in concert tonight one minute walk from my temporary digs in Atlanta. My client gave me a ticket and I am so pleased to go.
I last saw him with the Beatles in 1965 on August 18th when my dad against all odds got the wild idea to get us tickets and drive 5 hours (no Interstate highway in those days) to get us to the show also in Atlanta. A real tribute to him as most parents in those days frowned on the Fab Four.
beatles 1965 afc_01sm
beatles_ 1965 0818 bus Atlanta
This is the 40th anniversary of so many great things, Woodstock, the Moon walk and so on…so in keeping with the celebration (although this is the 44th anniversary to see Paul) I will walk the 20 meters to the concert!

Here is the set list a great mix of Beatles, solo and Wings hits…I will write more after the show.
Snapshot 2009-08-16 01-25-54
Talk about inflation!!! The ticket was $5.50, I saw District 9 last night for $10.50. This ticket was $84.50.