Did you know your baby can hear you, even before they are born?

child-kissing-pregnant-belly1Babies will begin to respond to language in-utero, and this will prime their brains for early language nutrition. 

What’s happening before birth:

Your baby can hear you, and can begin learning language even now! Begin reading to, talking, singing or even humming to your baby. This will help your baby get used to your voice and begin to recognize what makes up language. Rubbing, patting or touching your tummy throughout the day, is another way to communicate with your unborn baby. Because a baby’s brain is constantly developing, connections in the brain will increase and become stronger each time your baby hears new words.

What most babies do before they are born: 

  • Recognize mother’s voice
  • Respond to mother rubbing her tummy
  • Startle to loud noises
  • Can see light
  • Open and close eyes
  • Hear external noises and conversations
  • Gain preference for native language
  • Make facial expressions
  • Recognize rhythm and patterns of stories and rhymes
  • Recognize mother’s voice (and later, father’s)
  • Hear sounds of mothers body
  • Suck thumb
  • Detect strong flavors
  • Detect temperature, pain and pressure
  • Kick, squirm, move around
  • Turn head from side to side
  • Open and close hands
  • Open and close eyes
  • Suck, swallow and yawn
  • Curl toes
  • Stretch
  • Hiccup

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