Aloe Vera for Dinner in Japan


Living all over the planet I certainly ate and drank my fair share of unusual things. From Cobra blood mixed with cognac to fried grasshoppers.

There are a few things however that we probably should eat or drink that are healthy and tasty that we probably have never considered. Aloe vera is a well-known plant for treating burns and insect bites. However, many of you probably do not realize that you can eat Aloe vera too. I tried it tempura style in Tokyo and loved it. They also serve it fresh with a few dipping sauces.


Eating Aloe vera is very healthy. The main reason for eating Aloe vera is because it will increase your resistance to disease.

The plant is full of antibiotics, which will fight off infections. Some people claim that eating Aloe vera will also prevent hair loss. Hmmm  I cannot vouch for that. Aloe vera is also rumored to help reduce acne as well.


1 thought on “Aloe Vera for Dinner in Japan

  1. Wow! Why aren’t we doing this in the United States? It seems to be easy to grow too. Hhhmm I’m going to have to locate some recipes….

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