My Top Three Super Bowl Commercials

In no particular order here is my top three list for best Super Bowl commercials. I have worked on a few Super Bowl efforts over the years at BBDO for Pepsi, Visa, and FedEx but I am beginning to think the ideas for Super Sunday are taking a back seat to over done special effects, borrowed celebrity interest, and just plain “let’s throw big money at the concept” thinking.

The Coke spot and Kia spot for instance are perfect examples of the advertising agencies entertaining themselves in public at the client’s expense, what value was created for these 60 second, $5.6 million investments? 
1) Chrysler Farmer – Paul Harvey’s two minute tribute to the farmer captured my attention with the delivery, the great still pictures and the writing.  If Dodge Ram wants to stand for rugged, hard working, salt of the earth men, then this commercial delivers on the brand strategy. 
2) Tide Montana Stain – Let’s give Procter and Gamble credit, they developed a commercial that featured the product’s key benefit – stain removal and tied in the 49ers and the Ravens.  I am not sure the Super Bowl is the right venue for a detergent commercial, but they get an A+ for delivering the message and I am sure the viral aspect of this creative will pay off for P&G. 
3) Budweiser Clydesdales – I have to admit, I have been extremely negative about the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials in the past couple of years especially since they were created by BBDO’s sister agency.  The magic formula here was the emotion packed story that brings out the best quality in all of us.  That little tug on our heart strings delivered the brand message of heritage, tradition and quality.  Will it sell any Bud? I am not sure.

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