US Olympic Uniforms, “Made in China”

I would have loved watching the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, it is always exciting. This year I won’t be watching.

Every host country does its very best to put on an amazing presentation to wow the crowd and dazzle the fans back home watching on TV. But when the United States athletes come marching out this time, it will be disappointing.

It is not be the athletes themselves, I will be rooting for each and everyone of them to do well. It is what they will be wearing that has made me so dismayed.

Our United States athletes will be wearing specially made suits by Ralph Lauren. Certainly a great choice right? Wrong, very wrong. The uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren, one of our greatest clothing designers, were made in China.

It has sparked quite a controversy and if I cannot do anything about it at least I can join a small but vocal group of disgruntled citizens by not watching the ceremony.

This is where we are now in America. The richest, most powerful country in the world can not even provide uniforms for their athletes on the global stage that are produced at home.

You would think even Ralph Lauren himself would have had second thoughts on that choice, after all he wasn’t trying to get the unit cost down to compete at Macy’s.

Maybe our athletes could join my protest and wear simple USA track outfits…if they can even find a setr NOT made in China?

I sure hope the next company that volunteers to make the U.S. uniforms learns from this. Hopefully Ralph Lauren does not get another chance to produce uniforms for our athletes again.

The Chinese at least certainly have a great deal of experience making uniforms though, especially those berets like the ones pictured below.

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