Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Launches “Share the Hope” Campaign

As the largest pediatric health care system in the U.S., Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta expects more than 1,200 patients in their hospitals during the last two weeks of the year. In an effort to convey the authentic, emotionally charged stories of their patients, parents and staff, Children’s has teamed up with Atlanta advertising agency BKV, producer Gerald Gentemann, director Bill VanderKloot, as well as the Verizon Foundation, to launch a digital campaign of social sharing during this holiday season.

“The ‘Share the Hope’ video is not about theatrics but instead is an honest look into the lives of these amazing children. The concept was centered around one hospital, during one day, shot on one camera. This is storytelling at its most genuine and emotional level,” said Scott Hodoval, Vice President of Development at Children’s.

Launching today, Children’s is unveiling their “Share the Hope” video on the organization’s customized microsite, YouTube channel, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. The effort doesn’t stop at just sharing the video, but also includes the opportunity to share a message of hope with the patients who will be spending their holidays at Children’s. Donations will also be accepted digitally during this time, with the initial contribution coming from Verizon Foundation, who has pledged a gift of $1 per view of the “Share the Hope” video.
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“Although the campaign will live in traditional media as well, it will be fueled and sustained by social,” said Hodoval. Messages for the patients will be accepted through December 31, 2011 and will be displayed on closed-circuit TVs throughout the hospital during the last two weeks of the year. Visit to let a young patient at Children’s know you’re thinking about them this holiday season, and all year long.


5 thoughts on “Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Launches “Share the Hope” Campaign

  1. Oh God, this really touches the core. Thank you for posting this Ger! Hope you are doing well. Are you back here stateside or still in Japan. Hope mother is doing well.

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