Unusual CEO

Steve Jobs earned a $1 annual salary every year since he rejoined Apple in 1997. While many $1-a-year CEOs reap big back-end stock and options packages, Jobs was almost a financial ascetic: He collected no stock awards most years, no cash bonuses and no perks, even turning down a 401(k) match from Apple.

Apple’s market cap has risen from less than $2 billion to over $355.6 billion under Steve’s leadership, making it the most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

Sex before a test!

This short article that I wrote last year was published on ManCouch.com. With back-to-school in full swing I thought I should repost it.

A great new method to prepare for a test or a big presentation… have sex.

A study about blood pressure recently used blood pressure as a measure of stress responses during public speaking or challenging math problems situations that often elicit stress. It was found that those who had recently had intercourse tended to have either lower baseline blood pressures, less of a blood pressure rise during stressful events, or both. These findings suggest that having sex can lead to less of a stress response during challenging situations, which is a good thing.

Along those same lines, another study looked at women’s heart rate as a measure of stress response, and found that women exhibited less of a stress response after ‘positive physical contact’ with a partner. Emotional support alone didn’t have the same effect.

Romance is Dead

Women all say the same thing, they totally dislike or worse yet fear the dating scene today.

They often state three main sources of concerns, the quality of the pool of guys available, the sheer energy they have to undertake to self promote, and the incredible amount of competition that they face.

Let’s begin by looking at the available men.

There seems to be several problems for single women today. First, they meet men who are already in relationships but who take off their wedding ring to appear available. Or, there are men who say that they are single but then secretly text their girl friend or girl friends saying that they are still out with the guys and will be out late…”players” as Match women call them.
Second, many complain about meeting men who only want sex, some of these men pretend to want a relationship, but ultimately it’s a ploy to get more sex. I can hear my friends grumbling under their breath, “Why the heck are you revealing this fact?”

In general, there seems to be a perception that there are only a few good men out there left. To win these few good men, they have to improve themselves and compete with other women who are trying to get the same guy. And, because there are only a few good ones out there (at least in their eyes) they don’t want to be overly demanding and now in many cases seem to be openly forward.

When questioned about what they would ask for if they could, most women mention romance. Do they really mean that?

I believe that they want to feel that they are the center of the guy’s world, that we can’t help but fall in love with them, and that it is them and only them that we want. Basically they want the guys to be crystal clear about love without sending some cryptic text that is laden with ambiguity.

Some do mention sex, but usually it follows from falling in love. I think these women want to live the plot of any romantic comedy movie or romance novel….I am sure you have a few favorites.

When you ask a woman whether they think of themselves as romantic, the answer most likely is no. So does that mean women want the men to be romantic, but aren’t themselves?

They tend to believe that men really don’t care if they are romantic, so why bother?

The second issue is one centered on the women themselves. Many feel exhausted from all the various activities they undertake to look good and to make themselves seem as desirable as possible. In my field of marketing this is called self promotion because the woman or “Brand X” is trying to promote herself as being the best option on the market.

Listening to women who are active daters they often reveal the effort that is involved simply in terms of improving physical appearance. Of course there is the financial cost of that undertaking like gym memberships, clothing, salon visits, teeth whitening, cosmetics and wonder creams are not cheap.

Many women also feel unsure how to ‘be’ when dating – what personality characteristics should they display and hide?Is it ok to have a loud laugh or not? There is even a Seinfeld episode about this one.

Is it ok to be intelligent, or does playing dumb improve one’s chances? Should they be honest about their profession if it’s one that is high in status it could signal that they are too challenging?

Together, trying to put the best foot forward is not an easy undertaking if you are making the effort to find a good mate, especially if you are particularly self-conscious or have been away from the dating scene in some cases for a whole generation.
The third issue is competing with other women for a good mate. This is where the issue of romance resurfaces. Yes, by using good clothes and a winning personality one is competing against potential rivals for the seemingly minuscule pool of men. However, that pales in comparison to the competition women are in when it comes to sex.

One of the most significant issues that I hear these days is how we men are not really displaying any romance and therefore women are feeling increasingly pressured to have sex earlier in the relationship.

I think perhaps the women don’t necessarily want to have sex, they just don’t want to be single again or they want to have a little more time to see if he’s a keeper. And these days, it seems that the ‘sex’ date is number two or three – a far cry from the courting days when I was in high school…only fast girls from the wrong side of the tracks had sex.

Many women must try to determine what potential rivals are doing so that they can be unique, but not too unique as to become freakish. Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that’s what girls are made of? I think not.

What does this all mean? Well, basically, in today’s dating scene, romance has been pushed to the side. Women tend not to display it, and they tell me it’s because the men they are meeting don’t care about romance at all. Men aren’t displaying it because women don’t expect romance from them.

My advise to men is to use romance (as so long as it’s not paired with a tan line from where your wedding ring should be) because you might seem like a very good catch, and you’ll stand out as being different, but in a good way.

If romance is dead, what comes next? I don’t even pretend to know, but it looks like the routine is to have sex and then hope that there is some emotional connection afterwards. Our society has streamlined everything imaginable (even social relationships are now efficient thanks to match.com) there’s just no room left for romance.

UK Riots

My friend from London sent me this…
Our father, who art in prison, only mum know’s his name, thy riots come, read it in the Sun, in Birmingham, as it is in London, give us this day our welfare bread & forgive us our looting, as we’re happy to loot those who defend stuff against us, lead us not into employment, but deliver us free housing, for thine is the spliff, the blackberry & the lager, forever & ever ……….. innit

Good Morning America’s 10 Most Beautiful Places in America – ABC News

Destin, Florida, my hometown, is #4!


Apple Campus 2 to be like a “spaceship”

The Cupertino, California municipal website is attracting buzz this weekend with a slew of new material about Apple’s proposed new “spaceship”-inspired mega-campus for 12,000 employees.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at a Cupertino City Council meeting in June to announce plans for a major expansion of the company’s headquarters, on a parcel of land formerly owned by Hewlett-Packard. The city’s website now has posted material related to Apple’s submission of a development proposal for the new “Apple Campus 2” on a 175-acre area.

Included in the proposal were downloadable PDFs of floorplans and renderings of the proposed circular building, which is expected to be completed by 2015. Here is the link to the PDF’s.


“Apple is growing like a weed,” Jobs told the council in June. “It’s a little like a spaceship landing,” he said of the futuristic design.

After the presentation, Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong said, “Cupertino is ready for this. … There is no chance we are saying no.”

US Stimulus Package

I saw this article today and wanted to pass it along…it is not my usual post but thought it was interesting…

Sometime this year taxpayers will once again receive an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment.
This is indeed a very exciting program let me explain it in terms you will appreciate…

What exactly is an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment? Of course it is simply money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. But where will the government get this money ? From you and me…the taxpayers.

The plan is for us to use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy. But isn’t that stimulating the economy of China or Japan?

Think before you spend. Here are a few tips on how to best help the U.S. economy by “not” spending your stimulus check in the following manner.

1) If you spend the stimulus money at Wal-Mart, the money may go to China or Sri Lanka.

2) If you spend it on gasoline, your money will go to the Arabs.

3) If you purchase a computer, it may go to India , Taiwan or China (LENOVA).

4) If you purchase fruit and vegetables, it will almost certainly go to Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and Guatemala .

5) If you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea .

6) If you pay your credit cards off, or buy stock, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore.

Keep the money in America.

Spend it at yard sales. Go to ball games. Spend it on strippers, beer
and tattoos.

Better yet go to a ball game with a tattooed stripper that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day!

Recession Sex Update, Make Love, Not Reservations

The on-going recession still has not affected the sexual-accessories business and in fact it may have helped.

Data continues to show that such things as his-and-hers lubricants and mass-market sexual-enhancement devices are producing fireworks in supermarket and drug-store aisles.

Second-quarter sales of personal lubricants soared 38% to $51.4 million, according to Information Resources Inc., led almost entirely by continued strength from last year’s launch of Johnson & Johnson’s K-Y Yours & Mine his-and-hers lubricant and this years run away success K-Y Intense.

That makes sense in this economy, make love, not reservations.

The first major mass-market female-arousal gel, a product which has gotten major end-aisle displays in such surprising places as Walmart! Yes, Walmart, we all remember they banned a Green Day album but made space to sell arousal gel!

“Meanwhile, the small but suddenly booming ‘sexual-enhancement devices’ category in food, drug and mass-market stores is growing even faster, albeit off a very small base, up 74% to $10.1 million, according to IRI, with Church & Dwight’s Trojan and Durex products leading the way.” Durex reports that drugstore sales of their condoms were up 6%.

“With a crippled economy forcing millions of cash-strapped Americans to entertain themselves at home,” said Charisse Jones of USA Today, “it’s not surprising that one particular product is seeing a sales increase—condoms.” A relatively inexpensive form of birth control, condoms are especially popular in tough times when struggling couples want to avoid “having more mouths to feed.”

“‘When the economy goes down, sex goes up,’ said a Johnson and Johnson spokesman by way of explanation, but he and the brand team declined to elaborate on why their products seem to be booming when the economy isn’t.”

Happy 100th birthday, Lucille Ball

Somewhere in the world someone is watching you do that thing you did, or someone soon will be. It doesn’t feel even mildly controversial to call you the most important woman in the history of television comedy — meaning no disrespect to Carol Burnett, Tina Fey and Mary Tyler Moore — or television, period.

“I Love Lucy” itself, which will celebrate its 60th birthday in October, even now still feels contemporary and timeless, recognizably modern and rooted in old theatrical verities.

On a purely visual level, the decision of husband, business partner and co-star Desi Arnaz the man who invented multi-camera comedy, to make the show on film gives it a continuing vivid presence. It looks as good now as it ever did: crisp, clear and immediate — better, probably, given digital remastering and sharper TVs. And the stories, though sometimes thick with complication, are elemental in what drives them: The jokes are built on character, not on passing cultural references and ironic puzzles that future audiences will need footnotes to understand.

Viewed carelessly from a distance the series might seem to reflect a common view of the 1950s, that it was a decade of almost enforced, picket-fence normalcy after the social somersaults of the Second World War: father at work, mother at housework — the suburban dream world we see in many 1950s comedies.

But “I Love Lucy,” which spanned that decade, offered something quite different. Its characters are (relatively) sophisticated urban apartment-dwellers who eat in restaurants and go to nightclubs and travel to Europe. Age and Fred Mertz’s perpetual grumpiness apart, they’re youthful, often childish adults. They play pranks and make dares, they sing and they dance. Even with Little Ricky to look after, and occasional intimations of tight money, they are remarkably carefree. I was born the same year that “little Ricky” well actually their real son Desi Jr. was born.

Ball was already 40 when “I Love Lucy” premiered, on Oct. 15, 1951, and 49 when the show it became, “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour,” aired its final episode, on April Fools Day 1960.