Forks Over Knives

Nashville’s Best Kept Secret, The Station Inn.

My most recent visit to Nashville had many highlights but without doubt the evening that was the most enjoyable and memorable was Monday night at the Station Inn. 

If you know Nashville The Station Inn is on 12th Avenue and just a note it should not be judged by outside appearance or location, however if you are looking for a great live performance, by great musicians who care and have a passion for their music then it has no equal…it is the quintessential Nashville experience

vince and jumpers
Vince Gill joining the Time Jumpers

The session I attended started just before 9pm. During the evening a group of about 11 of Nashville’s very best musicians including Vince Gill oined in on a variety of country classics. They call themselves the “Time Jumpers.”

The Time Jumpers are Nashville’s best kept musical secret, but the word is spreading about what many of Nashville’s recording artists, musicians, and industry executives have already discovered on Monday nights at The Station Inn.

About eight years ago, a few of Nashville’s studio musicians and vocalists made a deliberate decision to get together on stage one night a week just to have some fun playing their music of choice, and calling it their therapy session.

The venue chosen was the world famous Station Inn and before long the band grew and so did their audiences.

The Time Jumpers have reinvented Western Swing – bringing it into the 21st century with more power, energy, and downright fun than you’ve ever seen and heard. Armed with their infectious arrangements, amazing musicianship, and engaging personalities.

The Time Jumpers have been Nashville’s best kept musical secret….but the word is out now!!