California Goes “Green”

I just visited California and stayed in a great hotel very close to Venice beach…it was my first trip to Venice since Medical Marijuana was approved for sale by the State.
This is a picture of one of the first dispensaries that I ever stepped foot in.

This place is incredible, it is like the McDonald’s of cannabis! They have a huge lounge inside with comfortable couches, and they even have the best ice cream I have ever had (2 flavors: vanilla and banana).

The staff was eager and ready with recommendations, almost freaky like a wine steward in a fine restaurant. According to my friend who lives in Venice their prices are higher than most places, but the key here was its location “Venice”.

Their advertised specialty was a $27 strain called Beverly Hills Oyster Pearl. The helpful staff called it a hybrid,,,ha in wine I guess it would be called a “varietal”?
doc is insymptoms
The doctor is always in of course and there are very few ailments that are not included to qualify anyone for a legal license to smoke. Even chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and stress are covered…heck who isn’t stress these days?
Then after he diagnoses the patients he or she is immediately led to the treatment room…a legal hash bar!
Now I am not saying it is a good thing or a bad thing but here are my observations from that day…

1) It was clean, legal and organized…no seedy behind the alley dodgy pushers…

2) The State can tax it…as they do tobacco and alcohol…in a broke State that cant be too bad.

3) It was next to a speakeasy bar where dozen of tourists were drunk out of their minds and disorderly…can weed be any worse than too many Jaegermeisters?

What do you guys think?


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