Japan Quake

Thanks so much for all your notes, tweets and Facebook messages…

As fate would have it I am in the USA taking care of my mother but I certainly wish I was there to help and lend my friends support. I have spent most of my computer time checking with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to see if they are all OK…I am still looking for a few…cell phones are hard to connect with because the towers are down.

The aftershocks are freaking out friends even in Tokyo. So amazing that Facebook turns out to be the “only” way to find information. We have a small office in Sendai so I am just hoping they are all OK. Please pray and again thanks so much for your concern.



5 thoughts on “Japan Quake

  1. Came on a rec from Zakiah — I’m glad you’re away from home, though I do understand the wish to be able to help!  Best wishes to all Japanese for the future ~ ~ ~

  2. Glad to hear everything is okay with you and your friends.  Was likely relieved to hear from my friends in Japan that they were okay.  One mentioned, however, that he’s never seen anything like this – even in Tokyo the convenience store shelves are being emptied as people stock up on foodstuffs.

  3. Jer, I am just so happy that you are here with your mother. Can you imagine what she would have gone through if you were there in Tokyo, and she hadn’t heard from you? I have been seeing the pictures and crying for those beautiful proud people who built such a strong country for themselves, and how in just minutes everything is devastated.I have also seen the empty shelves at the grocery stores. I know in my heart, that the people of Japan would stand tall once again and rebuild. I pray that happens sooner than later.

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