Going back to University after 25 years? I did…online.

Many people ask me why I decided after so many years to go back to University to earn an MBA….that is a very good question….there were so many reasons.

I think first and foremost because I was departing the comfort of a big global company with vast resources and very smart people I felt I needed the credibility of the MBA…I had the experience but always felt I needed the creds…
I thought if I heard one more client say let’s get some MBA’s thinking about this I would pummel them. I needed that diploma!

I do however believe that people place entirely too much stock in executives who have an MBA directly out of school…most had no real workplace experience so the concepts they learned in their universities had no real impact on them and the students could readily apply what they learned on the job.

Our clients and firms were very often disappointed by performance and output of young execs with MBA credentials. I am sure there are exceptions but as a rule we always found their proposals weak in terms of actionable solutions.

Because i had so much real on the ground experience, I found the MBA learning experience to be exhilarating…I could apply virtually every concept I encountered to real projects that I had encountered over my career…It was like an MBA program on steroids.

I also found the University of Phoenix online program to be an excellent way to go…the classes were small and the courses were taught by “working” professionals with real jobs and real challenges. I also give high marks to the online resources like the extensive library…I had every stat I could every want to bolster my business cases at my fingertips.

The online atmosphere created more dialogue and interaction with fellow students and professors versus my experiences in real classrooms…and the interaction was all week long not just the hour or two that I experienced in a brick and mortar classroom.

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