All You Can Eat Dessert In Japan…$15!

My friend V told me about her favorite place in Japan to eat and If I was there I am sure it would be mine too.

It’s a place called Sweets Paradise. It’s an all-you-can eat dessert restaurant, and for those who enjoy sweets it must be basically heaven on earth!

Sweets Paradise is like a chubby kid’s dream come true. The premise or “CHALLENGE” is simple: you pay ¥1,480 (about $15.00) and they give you 90 minutes to gorge yourself into a diabetic coma on, as the sign says, Cake! Pasta! Sandwich! Drink!
A quick guide to visitors to Japan on a budget (or lovers of all-you-can-eat deals in general) here are the characters to look out for when scanning restaurant signage

The characters 食べ放題 (tabehoudai) mean “all you can eat.

Similarly, the characters 飲み放題 (nomihoudai) mean “all you can drink.”

The characters バイキング (baikingu) mean “Viking” and is a slang Japanese term that refers to a “buffet.”

“Dessert Viking” is the theme at Sweets Paradise. The term “Viking” probably has its origins in the more appropriate Swedish word, “Smörgåsbord.”

V says everything is delicious…I hope to check it out on my next trip to Tokyo, of course after my sushi fix and midnight ramen run.


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