‘Warrior’ aims to be China’s ‘Chuck Taylors’

“Warrior” is a 75 year old shoe brand from Shanghai. Its original mission? To outfit China’s athletes with a simple and lightweight canvas trainer.
Shanghai’s Warrior shoes is trying to beat Nike and Adidas on its home court. Known in Chinese as “Hui Li” (回力), the brand was a footwear favorite in China from the 60s to the early 80s. Today, not so much. Most Chinese youth prefer to be seen in Nike or Adidas.

But these days, “Warrior” is out to score a new audience in the West by positioning itself as a sort of hipster trainer with a story to tell.
And let it be known, these are award-winning shoes. According to its China-based website, “Warrior” shoes have “successively won the State Silver Medal for Quality, the prize of the Chemical industry Ministry for high-quality products and the prize of Shanghai for products.”

These look like my old Chuck Taylors…I must have a pair.

1 thought on “‘Warrior’ aims to be China’s ‘Chuck Taylors’

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