Gmail Push App for iPhone Is a Workaholic’s Best Friend

A new iPhone app that launched today will further enable your addiction to checking your Gmail account by notifying you of new e-mail similar to the way you receive text messages.

That app is called GPush. Specifically designed for Gmail users, the app displays the “From” and “Subject” fields of a new e-mail on the standby screen as soon as the e-mail is received. The app takes advantage of support for push-notification in Apple’s new iPhone 3.0.

The target audience? Clearly me and all the other workaholics, who obsessively check their e-mail every few minutes. Wired Magazine put the app to the test and found it delivered on its promise rather well: Each test e-mail sent to takes about three seconds to push to a standby screen in that familiar bubbly box. Not bad.

Brian Chen of Wired who tested the GPush just had two complaints: 1.) No support for multiple accounts, meaning you can only obsessively watch one of your Gmail inboxes; and 2.) Only one sound, the Tri-tone, is working with the notifications (he personally found the sound really annoying).


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