Thailand Violence, Very Sad.

Having lived in Thailand and lived through two military coups I realize that the people are easily swayed and when their emotions take over they can’t seem to control themselves. One of my friends was killed in a coup there in 1990 coup. He was a teacher at the International school and was shot leaving a monastery. It was a very frightening time.

I know there is a great deal of corruption in the government there and some of the people have had enough. The violence however makes the economy take a hit and that makes matters worse.
Authorities say one person has died from a gunshot wound to the chest, and two more have been hurt in ongoing protests in Thailand over the ouster of a former prime minister. The fighting was focused around a market in Bangkok, and was between area residents and anti-government protesters, Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey said.

News of the fatality and injuries came as Thai soldiers and police struggled to restore order Monday. Meantime, red-shirted anti-government protesters lobbed Molotov cocktails and blockaded the streets of Bangkok with buses and burning tires.

Sometimes the King comes in and the violence stops immediately. But sometimes the King is not even aware of the violence. In one coup the King was informed by Thai’s living abroad!

The unrest continued after demonstrators forced Thailand to cancel an Asian regional summit over the weekend, another humiliating setback for a long-time U.S. ally that markets itself as a friendly tourist destination and an up-and-coming democracy. Just five months ago, another series of protests shut down Bangkok’s two airports, stranding thousands of travelers for a week.

This is bad for Thailand and especially for tourism there. I hope they can sort this out.


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