Obama Pen

President Obama signed all of the inaugural documents with a pen made by A.T. Cross, a company based in Lincoln, R.I.

Lori Geshelin, marketing manager for A.T. Cross, said the company was notified by the Obama-Biden transition team and had just less than a week to deliver the pens.

The specially designed Cross Townsend black lacquer rolling ball pens feature the presidential coat of arms and are engraved with President-elect Obama’s signature on the barrel. He will use them to sign a series of inaugural documents and executive orders for the new administration.

The Cross Townsend Collection, including the black lacquer finish ($135) similar to the ones to be used by Obama, are available at the Lincoln company’s Web site.

A distinctive, limited edition 10-karat gold Cross Classic Century pen ($120) bearing the new president’s signature and an emblem with the presidential seal is also available on the Official 2009 Presidential Inauguration Store Web site.

The gold pens are made in Lincoln.


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