Have You Ever Googled Yourself?

I am embarrassed to say I have…I am also embarrassed that I don’t have many mentions!

You have to love Robert Downey Jr.

In a Newsweek Oscar roundtable, he’s the only one who comes clean when a panel — including Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, Frank Langella, Sally Hawkins and Mickey Rourke — was asked if it’s hard for them to draw a line between their private and public lives, and if they ever “Google” themselves.

“Dear God. No,” answers Pitt.

Pitt: “Never. First of all, I don’t really know how to operate a computer.”

Do you have a BlackBerry?
Pitt: “Oh yeah, I have a BlackBerry.”

Anne, what about you. Do you Google yourself?
Hathaway: “No.”

Langella: “It’s not a good idea. It can be painful and it can be self-aggrandizing.”

Hawkins: “What do they say about don’t believe any of it?”

Downey: “Oh, I love all that s—-, personally. Sorry. I love just it. Because it’s a hoot. Some people overstate their support, like they know you. Other people are busy doing something else and just want to go on this chat site and say some despicable character assassination, which I honestly think they kind of nailed it. I do have that shortcoming. It’s really fun.”

A few minutes later, Hathaway pipes up: “OK, I have a confession. I lied before when you asked if I Googled myself. I do. I embarrassed by it because I know how terrible it is.”


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