Sometimes, the littlest things can fortify a brand in the customer’s mind. Take this card, which arrives with J. Crew mail orders this year.
It polishes away a little of the corporate stigma and lends the personal touch. Granted, the card is printed, not handwritten, but it’s thoughtful just the same. And smart marketing. All for pennies on the dollar.

What’s keeping you from sending a note like this to your customers? If you want to connect with the female consumer, this is the kind of no-brainer marketing you need to be thinking about. Anyone can do it – why not you?


6 thoughts on “Personalization

  1. Speaking of making marketing personal, I read an article somewhere about Land’s End or Eddie Bauer or some outdoorsy-company creating an online virtual personal shopper, kind of like when on any other retail site there’s always a section “People who bought this also bought…” but infinitely cooler.

  2. I think that’s the case all over the world. I feel sorry for the children and youth who have missed the art of writing and receiving the letters in long hand.

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