2009 Business “To Don’t” List

While everyone is compiling their resolutions and focusing on all the things that they will “do” in 2009, I am putting together my “to don’t” list. These are the behaviors and actions I will hopefully stay away from in the new year. So, in 2009 I will NOT:

Set unrealistic or unfair expectations of myself. Say, “yes” to everything without first assessing the emotional, professional, personal, karmic ROI.

Solely focus on short-term benefits unless it is a pathway to accomplishing long-term goals.

Get complacent.

Count on anything before it is a reality.

Forget to network because it often benefits someone other than myself.

Stop critically thinking, and refrain from always shooting holes in others’ ideas.

Lose sight of the fact that I can replace my job but not my family.


I am sure there are more,,,any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “2009 Business “To Don’t” List

  1. I think as a society, even around the world, but mostly Americans, we lose touch with what is important in life.  I think too many people are too caught up with having “things.”  This is highly overrated I think.  All one has to do is think “What kind of person am I without my things”?  If we find we are very shallow and don’t really realize that “Things are Things” than we are not a very real person.  I would add to that list; Don’t take myself too seriously and Don’t get caught up with having Things.  Other than that your list is great!

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