Less Bubbly 2009!

Champagne has always been identified as a great consumable drink once the Holidays start setting in. Outside that of the usual parties, people normally look for it to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

But no thanks to a dampened economy, it looks like while the brand and product familiarity is there, sales declines are bound to affect the purchasing power for champagne as people tighten up their belts for a hard 2009.

Also, expect a lot of imitators to come up with imitation brands to battle the authentic champagne makers. Lesser costs means more buyers even if they don’t really get the real product they have in mind.

Makers of the luxurious French sparkling wine are entering the selling season that accounts for some 25% of its volume with the double whammy of a weak economy that’s forced consumers to trade down from the priciest alcoholic beverages and a weak U.S. dollar driving already lofty Champagne prices further skyward!


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