Tic Tac Da!

I spend a lot of time in the cinema these days, but it was only recently on a plane from Tokyo that I finally got to see a film recommended by my daughter called “Juno” that got top nods at the Oscars.
I loved the film but I was honestly surprised how asleep at the wheel the Ferrero USA company is – makers of Orange Tic Tacs – considering the little gems are a main character in this flick, and not since “My Big Fat Greek TV Movie” and the Considine’s obsession with Windex, has a major American non-paid product placement been featured so “cool-y” in a major motion picture.
YetJuno_Tic_Tacs Ferrero have not done a thing to capitalize on Paul’s (Cera’s) nonstop fascination with the orange one-calorie treats. And yes, Ellen Page’s Juno actually uses those very words!

Heck, Ferrero has an opportunity to go for broke here with the one movie everyone is talking about that does not star Johnny Depp. It appears this European entity has its collective corporate arms folded, probably because “Juno” is about a 16-year-old pregnant kid — brilliant and mature— and they don’t want to be in the dialogue or debate about their treats supporting an unwed young Mommy.

I think it’s shortsighted. This is where making noise comes in handy. I can only hope that the Tic Tac makers somehow, somewhere, get their act together and create a colorful mini-site for “Juno” fans to share what’s orange about their lives — and create a chat room for lovers of this fine Americana and modern talk of the town.

Service companies – take note. It’s a freaking Harvard Business School study in the future: Always use what’s handed you, especially if it’s colorful, like maybe orange? Activate’s favorite color.


4 thoughts on “Tic Tac Da!

  1. oh yes I remember ramadan when I lived in KL…I used to fast with my staff and break fast at the mosque…thanks for your note it was an interesting movie for sure and my staff in japan could not believe the situation at all.let’s see what you think.j

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