Facebook Facelift

The popular online hangout Facebook is forcing users to adapt to a redesigned website — whether they like the new look or not — starting today. Interesting that the users have no choice but maybe it is a gamble worth taking?
Facebook’s facelift includes separating users’ personal profiles into different areas of the site and providing more tools meant to make it easier to share information and photos. Since unveiling the makeover seven weeks ago, Facebook had left it up to users to decide whether they wanted to switch over. But that option will be taken away from all users by the end of the week.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the changes — although for the better — will alienate some of Facebook’s 100 million users. But the company is hoping the gradual unveiling of the changes, which began last May, will ease the transition.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Facelift

  1. yeah, i HATE the new facebook.  i joined a group called 1,000,000 against the new facebook and it had 960K + at my last check (which was within a few days of the group starting).however, i read a blog yesterday that postulated on the reasons behind facebooks forced reconfiguration.  the author’s p.o.v. was that the new layout results in more clicks (and it does, things are not as readily accessible), meaning more opportunities for ad placement.

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