Isaac Hayes

Sam & Dave had the hit, but Soul Man Isaac Hayes was the real article. Hayes, who died Sunday at his home near Memphis, 10 days short of his 66th birthday, was one of soul music’s top songwriters in the ’60s, a groundbreaking R&B icon in the ’70s and a much-loved TV star in recent years.

one more shot…”Hot Buttered Soul”


4 thoughts on “Isaac Hayes

  1. Hey Buttface!I have never done this, look up someone from my past on the internet, but for some reason I started thinking of you today and decided to give it a try! Your social networking sites were easy to find via Google but I couldn’t find a regular email address so I had to sign up for this damn thing just to get a message to you! I just hope you read your comments someday! Now it’s your turn if you want to play, Google me and see how long it takes you to get to my web site.

  2. I will hit google now!…just sent my mail and a message….great to hear from you you must have esp…Roy Trimble just e-mailed yesterday too and I thought to ask where you were as well.jer 

  3. I never watched much of South Park until I visited my 27 year old son and his wife.  I could not stop laughing.  I try to make it a habit to visit YouTube every day,….. just for the laughter. As the only saying goes “laughter is the best medicine”!!!!!! I won’t pretend to understand all the financial jargon….I haven’t a clue, jer.  But I love visiting your site anyway and reading it all and your photos anyway!

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