Final Global Summit for Ecology Logo

summit final logo
The visual identity for the Global Summit for Ecology was created by international branding and design firm Brandimage Desgrippes & Laga. The group’s Hong Kong office, where the group hosts its Asia regional design center, performed the design work. The Hong Kong design team imagined a planet “filled with life”, using vivid colors and animal images to herald the messages of diversity and hope.

Brandimage, the largest independent design firm in the world, was created in June 2008, from the combination of Desgrippes Gobé Group and Laga, both leading design firms in Europe and Asia, and North America, respectively. The group has annual turnover of US$ 60 million and 300 employees on 3 continents in 9 cities – New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Paris, Brussels, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The summit will be held in November at Waseda University in November.

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