Lenovo, The Only Chinese Official Global Partner of the 2008 Olympic Games

I thought that since the world was coming to Beijing for the Olympics it might be interesting to introduce people to Chinese brands that will someday be exported to the world from China.
Has anyone heard of this high powered brand? Lenovo is the largest Chinese PC manufacturer, and the third largest in the world, providing products to more than 160 countries around the world.

In 2005, it completed the acquisition of IBM’s PC business and by the end of 2006, more than 60% of Lenovo’s turnover came from markets outside Great China.

The company is focusing more on transactions with individual and SME customers, and this transformation is paying back in the U.S. market where it showed profitability in first quarter of 2007.

Though Lenovo faces declining margins for the whole PC industry and fierce competition from HP, Dell, and Acer, the
brand managed to grow its value by almost 60% this year.
We attribute this growth to a huge investment in marketing and branding activities,including replacing IBM to become
the only Chinese official global partner of the 2008 Olympic Games. As one of the most successful brands in China,
Lenovo carries high expectations from Chinese people and can do more to more clearly assert its brand differentiation.
Lenovo has also announced a brand new laptop, seemingly, in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Straying from their usual business themed thin black notebooks, Lenovo has went with red plus spiral motifs around the Thinkpad. Though internal specifications are not present yet, inside information hints that this notebook will sport a 12.1-inch XGA display and Intel’s L2400 Core 2 Duo.


6 thoughts on “Lenovo, The Only Chinese Official Global Partner of the 2008 Olympic Games

  1. I was surprised by their laptop too…I haven’t seen their products anywhere but they seem to be growing so fast…most of the other Chinese brands are banking firms…I have the top 100 list and really even living in Asian don’t know any of them.

  2. I have to say I am really worried about the purchase of so many of China’s products.  I really feel we have lost so many jobs due to Chinese goods too.  Also…last night on PBS I watched some very disturbing documentaries…..contracted slave labor  and pollution in China.  Of course…some of our so called upstanding business people played a part in the slave labor, i.e., Gap goods, etc…like these clothing items.   There are so many people that are suffering from polluted water and horrible cases of cancer in the smaller cities and villages that produce Chinese exported goods.  I have to say it really bothered me.  What price are people in China paying so that we Americans can have cheaper goods? Maybe I am missing your point Ger but I guess the documentary really made an impression on me!!

  3. The Beijing olympic display the tremendous power which can be catched a huge reputation resisting the china become a immense countryif you can see the remarkable and magnificent olympic, you will watch a extremely unprecedent country will sparkle and twinkle soon

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