Talk About an Icon, Converse Turns 100!

I had to write about this it is my favorite shoe and the theme of my blog site!
‘My Drive Thru’ is a Converse-commissioned music track written and performed by a disparate trio of artists. Celebrate” and “provoke.” Those are the words that Geoff Cottrill, CMO of Converse, uses to describe the advertising strategy of the North Andover, Mass.-based shoemaker. “Our whole mission is to inspire originality and be an advocate and catalyst for creativity,” he says.
The company is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a global campaign, “Connectivity,” that taps the cultural heritage of the brand. Included is what Cottrill hopes will become a summer hit: “My Drive Thru,” a Converse-commissioned music track written and performed by a disparate trio of artists: Pharrell Williams, who produced the song; up-and-coming R&B artist Santogold; and Julian Casablancas, lead singer of The Strokes.

In June, the four-minute song was released to consumers as a free download on the Converse Web site as well as distributed to radio stations. Part of a promotion called “Three Artists. One Song,” the track has had daily downloads in the thousands, according to Converse, received favorable reviews from music critics and fans, and most importantly, created buzz for the brand.

It’s the kind of publicity Converse hopes will only get louder as the song’s two-and-a-half-minute music video — which broke online on MySpace and MTV late last week — makes its debut today as 30- and 60-second TV and cinema commercials. (As of press time, the video had received more than 96,000 views on MySpace and had an 88 percent rating. Next week the company also plans a YouTube home page takeover.)


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