Korea is Wired

I have been in Seoul, Korea quite a bit these past few years working with Korea Telecom, LG and SK.
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Seoul has a metropolitan area population of more than 22 million people and is the second most populated metro area in the world and second to none in terms of modern technology.

Seoul is home to some of the biggest telecommunications and technology companies in the world, including SK Telecom, KT Corporation, Samsung and LG. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest cell phone or miniature wifi gadget, Seoul should be your first stop.

When it comes to broadband penetration, South Korea is the world leader with an 83 percent penetration rate. This is in part due to the full-blown broadband revolution that has been taking place in Seoul for the past 8 years.

Seoul is full of Internet cafés, wireless hotspots and gaming areas (called “pc baangs”) making it the ideal city to use the Internet on the go. In most areas, a pc baang can be found on every corner. How’s that for service?

Koreans have a fascination with PC gaming unlike any other country in the world. In South Korea, there are multiple television channels dedicated solely to broadcasting the day’s video game events. Talented video game players are treated like celebrities similar to famous basketball players in the United States.

At the center of all of the gaming is Seoul, which has played an important part in expanding Internet usage throughout all of South Korea.

Internet access in Seoul is extremely cheap, averaging around $20 per month for a 10Mpbs connection — that’s more than 4 times as fast and half the price of the average broadband connection in the United States.

Some areas of Seoul boast commercial Internet speeds of more than 100Mbps for merely $30 per month. With speeds that fast it would only take you 5 minutes to download a two-hour high definition movie.

Seoul’s current expansion plans include a $439 million project to add wireless Internet access to the subway trains. “The plan would be to create a wifi network, and then charge roughly $20 per month for access.”

With such a huge broadband presence and a dedication to offering cheap, fast Internet solutions, Seoul is the definition of wired.


2 thoughts on “Korea is Wired

  1. I like Korea not because of their IT technology.  I like to visit the remote areas or the areas with folk people.  I don’t like going shopping or spending time using their technology.  I like their food, the way they treat tourists.

  2. When I was in Boracay, Philippines’ pride for an island-paradise, I met a lot of Koreans. They were windsurfers and they blended naturally with the sea. They told me they windsurf back home, but that it was different in Boracay. 

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