If you were a celebrity, what type of products would you endorse?

Many answered products that are good for the environment…Leonardo DiCaprio advertises the Toyota Prius and drives one as well. He is scheduled to speak at the Global Earth Summit in Miyazaki, Japan this autumn because he truly supports the cause. I like that kind of commitment.

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5 thoughts on “If you were a celebrity, what type of products would you endorse?

  1. I have no idea how I ended up at your weblog but I found your blog extremely interesting.  I have a niece that worked for MGM as an editor for 14 years so I find it interesting to read about people who work in that field of marketing and films.  I am the farthest thing from someone like my niece though as I am just a country girl, artist and grandmother. However…that does not keep me from exploring the net and seeing and reading what others are doing around the nation and around the world.  I don’t get to travel but love reading about others experiences in doing so. I guess that goes back to my childhood and being an avid reader which enabled me to explore the world from home.  I have been surfing Xanga lately due to some presurgery health issues and found your site interesting.  I will continue to read about your travels if you don’t mind.  Reading others blogs gives me the opportunity to keep an open mind and explore others ideas!  As far as being a celebrity and endorsing products…I think most of them do it strictly to make money so I find most of their endorsements not believeable.  Then there are those that I think endorse things because it brings them attention.  Occasionally there are those few that truely believe in their cause.  I find most movie stars are just that…movie stars.

  2.  Wow….I had to look up Eva Mendes as I could not picture her in my mind….can see why you can though!!!  What a beautiful lady.  To be perfectly honest…I have not been to the theater for some time but I remember the movie “Hitch.”  It does  seem like Hollywood actors/actresses are a bit full of themselves.  I guess that is why as I have gotten older I can’t seem to take too many of them too seriously!  But…we would miss them if they weren’t there wouldn’t we?  I love movies but just have not seen that many lately.  Guess I have been too busy on other things.  Thanks for letting me subscribe..I will look forward to reading about your travels and looking at your photos.  Sometimes the internet is about the biggest excitement I have in my life lately.  Summers are hot here in East Tennessee and come July and August..unless we go somewhere special…I spend a lot of time inside painting those months.  I love nature, animals and people…ha.ha…not necessarily in that order!  What I find so interesting in blogging is that one can meet so many different people from different backgrounds and different interests and still connect.  We do live in a wonderful world after all don’t we?  I try not to dwell too much on the doom and gloom as I think the world is jsut a speck among the universe.  However…that does not mean I don’t care about Mother Earth…I love her dearly!  Take care and safe travels. 

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