Mario Frittoli Branded Pasta

Specialty products and gourmet products are becoming more popular and certainly more profitable for retailers.

Mario Frittoli is quite famous in Japan. he began his career here as a chef and became well known for his unusual Italian dishes. He is on Japanese TV with his own cooking show…The next logical progression is a line of products of his own.
I did his branding for his new line starting with Biscotti. Here is the main look and feel for the packaging.

Blueberries, The True Blue Food

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Blueberry farming is poised to become the next multi-million dollar industry in the USA Southeast and there is more to it than just a delicious dessert.

Blueberries join the concord grape and the cranberry as being one of only three fruits native to North America, and the berries exude patriotic spirit.

The members of the Wiregrass Blueberry Growers Association group their berries together to market them. The final goal is to get the little berries into your homes and into your blueberry delight.

Japan has become blueberry crazy due the the health benefits from the fruit…more to come on that point. Activate will help with distribution and marketing here in Japan.

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Activate Takes New Media Idea to the Air

SkyVision is a new very lightweight blimp 40 meters long. Activate can fly this inside a domed stadium using remote control. using the latest in LED technology Activate can broadcast TV messages to almost any location.

Activate’s Mission

Gerald Gentemann created Activate Japan in 2004.

No matter who the client is, Activate takes a business-based approach to communications. It starts and executes every assignment with the assumption that there is a tangible business goal to achieve and that communications strategies must align with the business objectives of its clients.

The pressure to produce return on investment on marketing dollars is here to stay and this no longer means just “building awareness.” It means “activating” sales.

Managing The Digital Media Evolution

The ability to influence word of mouth communication is at the forefront of any communications strategy. Once a big idea is identified, Activate leverages the digital media world and extends the creative concept online whether through digital media relations, 3G and mobile development, website development, or social networking.

Activate and its technical partner Sairis have a crystal clear vision of what needs to be done to manage this evolution in the best interest of our clients.

Delivering Big Ideas
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The work reflects Activate’s creatively driven mindset. Activate knows that the best communications strategies need to be grounded in creative thinking in order to breakthrough the myriad of options that consumers have today for getting news and information.

More than ever, creativity is a “must have” as opposed to “value-add.” That is also why it is important to approach creative ideation without media parameters. What Activate calls “media and agency neutrality.” The key is to reach the target audience in a memorable way and to ultimately making a business impact.

Current key clients include Exxon Mobil, Japan’s Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, Unesco, Itochu, Excite, MasterCard, Apple, Paramount and Tsutaya.

Omnicom’s 10 DAS Group companies (Diversified Advertising Services ) in Japan, WPP and ADK have all partnered with Activate to help clients go beyond traditional advertising solutions.

Activate will produce this year’s Global Summit for Ecology to be held in Japan in November with key speakers Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Where the Hell is Matt?

Great Video…who paid for matt to trot the globe for this? Who taught him to dance?

“14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Thanks to everyone who danced with me.”
Matt Harding

Useful Techniques to Optimize Your Blog for The Major Search Engines

Nick Stamoulis wrote these ideas regarding effective blogging, should help us all I think. Blogs are generally a win-win situation IF you’re willing to set yourself up for success. To that end, here are some useful techniques to optimize your blog for the major search engines.
1) Update your content often! – This works for both your readers and the search engines. Your readers love fresh content and it gives them a reason to check your blog more often. If the search engine crawlers determine that your site is updated frequently, they will be more inclined to index your site more often and your ranking opportunities are enhanced.

2) Focus on one keyword per post –It’s OK to provide variations and modifiers on your keyword or phrase but don’t overdo it. In your writing, if you discover other ideas that you want to include, it’s often best to separate that idea into a different blog post.

3) Use the keyword in the title – Use the keyword you want to optimize in the title of the post and make it descriptive. Follow up by using it in the text of your post as well but make it comfortably fit into the content without seeming forced or repetitive.

4) Put the keyword in the URL – Putting the keyword or phrase into the page URL adds extra relevance to the page from a search engine’s perspective. Instead of http://www.yetanotherblog,net/IrrelevantQueryString, try keyword-topic-title

5) Provide relevant links – Look around for related sites that reinforce or even differ with the point you wish to make in your blog post and include them in the body of the text. To take this a step further, make the link itself descriptive. Instead of saying, “Check out this guy’s opinion here,” say, “Check out this guy’s opinion on keyword here’. Also, remember that other blog owners love links as much as you do so if you link to their site, they may be more inclined to link back to yours.

6) Make your blog easy to bookmark and share –Don’t overdo it and make your page seem too crowded with these things but make it easy for your readers to bookmark your site and share it with others by including bookmarking widgets from Digg, StumbleUpon,, etc. These are great tools for creating good linking opportunities and add a very effective Social Media Marketing angle to the blog.

7) Make every post count – It’s important to update your blog often for the reasons stated above but you also need to focus on the quality of the post. Put yourself in another blogger’s position and ask yourself: Is this relevant? Would I want to link to it? Would it be of value to MY readers?