What is one superstition that you always abide by?

I have a St. Christopher medal worn by my dad in WW II…I won’t travel without it


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jer’s juke box

OK I am a bit of a rocker! Woodstock generation but I produce music and concerts so I still love to rock!

Backstage at Africa Mission Concert

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Blendz Hip Hop band from Japan and Jett Edwards work out a rap and harmony before the show.

I shot this with my mobile phone sorry about the quality…ha lack of quality. Also working out arrangement with Junior the keyboard player before the show.


Africa Mission dance

Whale in Destin, Florida!

My home is usually Destin, Florida even though I am working most of the year in Tokyo. Destin, Florida is a great place to unwind after dealing with 20 million plus each day in Tokyo and a city that REALLY never sleeps.
My friend Nick just sent me these shots…very unusual to see a whale there…sharks yes but whales…
The complete story is in my local newspaper, the Destin Log.
Video, a bit long waiting for the whale to surface!

SK Korea

SK is an unusual comany…
SK corporate ad
Their advertising uses a very recognizable icon in a clever way.
imagine in the USA if Exxon was in the same business as Verizon…or you could fill up your tank with gas at a
an ATT station…in Korea big companies are trusted conglomerates that are into everything.
More later…

Africa Summit Production

Here is the staff T-shirt design…the t-shrts for sale are more colorful…
t-shirts will also be sold at over 1000 music stores throughout Japan.
I will post some rehearsal video tonight…the African musicians sound fabulous! Jett Edwards is producing the music for the performances and he has done a great job merging the vast variety of talent.